You’re Determined.


You have purpose. You’re an on the go woman that takes charge. You’re an entrepreneur,  a new business owner, or are ready to take on a new chapter of your life.

You are focused on what you want, and you envision what life is like when your goals are accomplished. You feel satisfied, confident, and balanced in this vision. Anything is a possibility once you discover what you are capable of.

Your goals can be reached, and you can be successful at attaining what you want. There is just one problem, you can’t figure out the how.

StyleBodySoul LLC is a holistic health, lifestyle, and business consulting company founded by certified coach, Sarah Baker. SBS works with clients in three different sectors: individual/group holistic health coaching, business coaching for entrepreneurs, special event management and creative consulting. Our team is engaged, enlightened, and is determined to get the results you’ve been striving for.