My Projects

In addition to my private offerings and services, I have been involved in the wellness space as an entrepreneur and strategic marketing and business consultant since 2012. I work with various companies, brands, and solo-preneurs to create, launch and grow their own brands and businesses. Below are a few of my other businesses and brands I’ve founded, as well as other businesses I’m affiliated with. 

Balanced Babe Media is a multi-media brand launched in 2012 on a mission to provide approachable and realistic holistic health and mindfulness content. Read over 700 articles on various holistic health topics, hundreds of recipes, and lifestyle practices. 

Sense Sanctuary

Sense Sanctuary is my latest project launched in 2020. A pop-up multi-sensory experience, educational platform, and e-commerce shop dedicated to helping you learn how to heal, become present and grounded, and tap into a greater human experience through specific sensory practices.

The Balanced Babe Podcast

The Balanced Babe Podcast is your go-to destination for all who want to live a more beautifully balanced life. A space to discuss holistic wellness and lifestyle practices, entrepreneurship & side hustles, mindfulness & manifestation, self-care and more. You are going to go from burnt out to balanced with advice from top influential wellness experts & entrepreneurs, as well as special episodes delivering approachable and practical advice delivered by me.