Holistic Burnout Recovery Programs

We are now living in a burnout epidemic. The percentage of individuals experiencing burnout: employees, entrepreneurs, parents, and health professional working to help you recover from burnout, is significantly increasing by the year.

Burnout is affecting everyone. From once having inspiration, energy, creativity, and productivity as a driving force in your day, you may now be feeling as if your passions are fading, your energy is chronically lacking, and you’re feeling more exhausted, frustrated, and consistently worn out. Simply put, burnout is chronic stress from your outside environment (whether it’s work, your home life, or a multitude of trying to juggle it all), that turns into an emotional, mental, and physical state of exhaustion. 

Burnout doesn’t just single out professionals in the workplace and entrepreneurs, it affects anyone who is going through a consistently stressful experience in their personal life such as grief, a breakup, navigating a significant life change like becoming a new parent, or any situation that is consistently draining their energy reserves.  

Signs of burnout:

  • Consistent levels of stress
  • Feeling overwhelmed and if you are taking on too much, at work or in your personal life
  • “Working” even after the work day is over, constantly replying to messages, emails, and work inquiries when you should be resting or spending time with yourself or with your family
  • Not having enough alone time
  • Feeling constantly tired, even when you get a full night’s rest, or sleep issues such as insomnia
  • Feeling like you’re working more than you are having time off
  • Viewing your job you once loved as a stressful and frustrating environment. Viewing your work with cynicism and not having any motivation or inspiration to work at the creative or productive level you once were able to
  • Feeling irritable, angry, and annoyed with situations and people that would otherwise not irritate you
  • Feeling detached from your passions, beliefs and values
  • Lack of creativity and productivity, or as if you have brain fog
  • Physical symptoms such as digestive distress, inflammation in the skin or frequent illnesses from suppressed immune system

Start Your Burnout Recovery Journey Now

My 9 week holistic burnout recovery program is a fully comprehensive blend of integrative nutrition protocols, meditation and mindfulness practices, holistic tools and techniques based on CDT therapies (cognitive dialectical therapy), mindset and holistic health coaching that work harmoniously to target mind, body and soul when experiencing burnout. 

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How it works:

  • Holistic mindset coaching to help you uncover and tackle the core of your burnout and how to adjust your thought patterns based on cognitive behavioral therapy CBT and cognitive dialectical therapy CDT. These approaches help you understand and correct negative thought processes.
  • Meditation and mindfulness can seem intimidating or daunting for the majority of us who are so tapped into our current technical era, where we are used to spending all our quiet and free moments plugged into our phones or some sort of device. No matter where you are with your personal meditation practice, this pillar of the holistic burnout recovery program is vital to help you unveil your connection to yourself and whatever spirituality practice you have integrated into your life. Here is what you can expect to receive throughout your program:
    • Curated private guided meditations based on your preferred meditation style and level.
    • Guided sound meditations and vibrational sound healing. A deeply restorative holistic modality that acts as a gateway to a meditative state and coherent brainwaves. 
    • Teachings of how to create a unique meditation practice that works for you that you can continue and sustain after the program is complete
  • Holistic health coaching will also be used to help you develop healthy practices that are approachable and easy to integrate into a daily practice. This will ensure that you will be able to recognize and prevent future burnout experiences by having the appropriate types of lifestyle practices, tools, and techniques in your arsenal. 
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  • Integrative nutrition and the food + mind connection. There are many scientifically proven studies that show the importance of nutrition and the connection to anxiety, stress, and brain health. What you consume in the form of food either fuels you and supports your mental well-being, or further fuels stress and / or burnout, it’s an extensively studied and proven fact! The nutrition protocols you will be given are one of the most pivotal parts of this program in order to support recovery from burnout. 
  • Multi-Sensory holistic therapies are another key component of this program, and are utilized to be practiced consistently after your program is complete. Many of these multi-sensory therapies are also based on CDT to help you become more present, reach a lighter level of consciousness, and bring more mindfulness into your human experience. At the beginning of your program, you will receive a Sense Sanctuary Multi-Sensory Ritual and Experience kit that will have holistic tools and various products of a $300 value that you will learn how to use for your home practice.

Apply For The Holistic Burnout Recovery Program Now

Contact me to book a complimentary consultation so that I can fully understand your needs and create a program that will support and help you regain your health  back.