Private Guided Meditation Chicago

private meditation chicago

I am honored to be given the chance to offer private meditation sessions in Chicago and remotely to students from anywhere in the world. Meditation is a deeply individualized modality that looks different for every single person that practices it. Private guided meditation services allow me to give you the most personalized experience possible. 

Understanding how meditation works uniquely for you, and the various meditation techniques that can be taught and offered are an extremely vital holistic tool that can be used at anytime, anywhere, with a multitude of scientifically proven mental, emotional, and physical benefits. 

Options for meditation include guided seated meditation, guided meditation to vibrational crystal sound bowls, multi-sensory mindfulness meditation, chakra healing meditation, breathwork and introductory guided meditation in silence. 

As a private meditation teacher in Chicago, I consult with all clients during our first private session to understand where they are with their current wellness practices, what their expectations and intentions are, and what their personal meditation practice already looks like. The first private session is 2 hours in length, with all following sessions 1 hour in length. 

What a session with me looks like

First time clients (1.5 hour sessions):

  • 30 minutes of wellness consulting, conversation, setting intentions and expectations, holistic health/mindset coaching, and a discovery session of what type of meditation practice will be most effective for you
  • 1 hour of guided meditation & ritual creation

Follow-up sessions (1 hour sessions)

  • 15-30 minutes of coaching/conversation/guidance/teaching based on clients initial session
  • 30-45 minutes of guided meditation depending on client preferences

Meditation Classes

Prefer a class setting? Join an upcoming meditation class this Spring and Summer. Class schedule is being created soon. To get notified when classes will begin, join my newsletter below.