Crystal Sound Bath and Meditation Sessions

Many individuals experience mental clarity, creative breakthroughs, meditative trances and deep rest from sound healing sessions.

Become present and relaxed through private guided meditation and sound healing experiences. An extremely revitalizing yet grounding journey, sound healing is an extremely powerful gateway to a meditative state. Sound Baths are a wonderful way to get started with a meditation practice for those that currently feel uncomfortable sitting in silence to meditate, or have a hard time falling into a meditative state. The healing frequencies of each sound bowl not only give your thoughts somewhere to land, they physiologically alter your brain waves to become entrained with the frequencies they produce, which allows your body to enter rest and recovery mode to heal and begin all of the inner work you’ve been striving for. 

Sound bath meditations help assist the process of slowing down your brain waves from fast moving and jumbled beta waves, to eventually deep, restorative and healing slower brain waves like theta and delta.

What to expect:

Your sound bath (no, it’s not an actual bath) experience begins by getting in a seated or lying position (whichever is most comfortable). You will be enveloped in a cozy blanket and aromatic eye mask, and the session will begin with various different guided meditations and breathwork. Then, the different sounds, frequencies and vibrations of each singing bowl will wash over you, allowing for your thoughts to slow down or go into a deep meditative state.  These sessions allow your mind to detach from your outside environment, and turn inward to experience deep rest and introspection. Sound baths are in a group/class setting and are limited to 8 clients per sound journey.


How Do Crystal Sound Bath Meditations Work?

Crystal sound baths are a full body meditative experience that allows you to connect, meditate, and heal through your sense of hearing. Crystal singing bowls help facilitate a strong release of emotions stuck within the body, free up stagnant energies, and create an environment where you can experience deep healing.

Crystal sound bowls work by emitting specific frequencies that connect with different energy centers in your body, as well as your cells, organs and endocrine system to create waves that work to harmonize every cell in your body. 

Crystal bowls specifically work in a way that deeply resonates with us on a physical level. If you’ve ever seen a glass full of water vibrate, you may notice that the water moves in a synchronized way. Because we are made up of  around 60% water, we physically react in a similar way as the water does in a glass full of water as the vibrations of a crystal sound bowl envelope our body. 

Our cells also have a crystalline geometric structure, and our bone structure has also been recognized as a solidified crystal structure. Because of this, our bones and cells have the capability to receive vibrational energy from crystal sound bowls into electromagnetic energy. When this happens, our mental and physical self taps into its own innate ability to heal. 

Sound meditations also assist the process of slowing down our brain waves from an every day beta state (focusing, reacting, thinking), to an alpha state (creative thinking and in the flow), to a theta state (the state we reach when we are in meditation), to sometimes a delta state (when we are in a deep sleep, the most restorative and healing space to be in).