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We all experience stress, and some levels of stress are healthy. But, what happens when you feel consistently stressed out daily? If you don’t have the proper stress management techniques in place, your mental and physical health could pay the price. Today’s society rewards busy, non-stop multitasking efforts. We are always on the go, burning our candle at both ends, and seemingly plugged into outside stimulus instead of focusing our attention and energy inward to our own needs.

When you are constantly in flight or fight mode, feeling on edge and chronically feeling overwhelmed.. many negative impacts happen to your health both physically and mentally. 

The flight or fight response originated from threats of being physically attacked out in nature. This was a crucial response to protect from threats as a means for survival. Fast forward thousands of years, and our flight or fight switch seems to be turned on by every little situation: an angry call or email from your boss, general work related stress, your child throwing a temper tantrum or the stress of raising a family, financial responsibilities and more. The list can go on and our response to stress seems as if it will never switch off.

Here is what happens to your body when stress management techniques are not in place. Every time you are in a stressful situation, your cortisol levels rise and your body has a physiological response to these negative emotions and thoughts. Signs and Symptoms of continual stress can be: 

Emotional & Mental

  • Constant worrying thoughts which could lead to anxiety
  • Emotional fear or anger
  • Poor communication in your relationships due to feeling irritable and overwhelmed
  • Spiritual or religious disconnect
  • Losing track of your true goals, desires and values
  • Bursts of energy and then waves of fatigue


  • Poor nutritional choices due to feeling as if you never have time to cook for yourself
  • Sleep issues like insomnia or consistently feeling tired
  • Digestive issues like bloating, constipation, IBS, and more..
  • Poor thyroid function
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Suppressed immunity
  • Frequent headaches

If any of these symptoms resonate with you, you will benefit from implementing the proper types of holistic stress management techniques that work for your unique preferences and situation.

9 Week Holistic Stress Management Program

If you truly want to make change, it takes about 66 days of consistent practice, dedication, and support from credentialed professionals. In 9 weeks, together we can work to uncover the root cause of your chronic stress and/or anxiety. My private program is a fully comprehensive blend of meditation and mindfulness practices, integrative nutrition protocols, holistic modalities based on CDT (cognitive dialectical therapy), and holistic health and mindset coaching. Together, these approaches work to target your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental self.

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How it works:

  • Multi-Sensory holistic therapies are a key component of my 9 week program, and are taught to be practiced consistently after your program is complete. Many of these multi-sensory therapies are based on CDT to help you reach a higher level of consciousness,  become more present, and bring more mindfulness into your day to day life. When your program begins, you will receive a Sense Sanctuary Multi-Sensory Ritual and Experience kit that will contain holistic tools and various products valued at $300 that you will learn how to use for your home practice.
  • Integrative nutrition and the food + mind connection. There are many scientific studies that showcase the importance of what you eat and its connection to anxiety, stress, and brain health. What you consume either fuels you and supports your mental well-being, or further contributes to stress and / or burnout; it’s an extensively studied and proven fact! The holistic nutrition protocols you will be guided through are another pivotal part of this program in order to support recovery from burnout. 
  • Holistic mindset coaching to help you peel back and tackle the root cause of your burnout, and how to adjust your thought patterns based on cognitive behavioral therapy CBT and cognitive dialectical therapy CDT. These approaches help you understand and correct negative thought processes.
stress management chicago
  • Meditation and mindfulness can come across as intimidating or daunting for the majority of us, especially when we are so in tuned  into our current technical era, where we are used to spending a vast majority of our free time plugged into our phones or some sort of device. No matter where you are with your personal meditation practice, this pillar of the holistic burnout recovery program is vital to help you revive your connection to yourself and your spiritual practice. Here is what you can expect to receive throughout your program:
    • Curated guided meditations based on your preferred meditation style and level.
    • Guided sound meditations and vibrational sound healing. A deeply restorative holistic modality that acts as a gateway to a meditative state and coherent brainwaves. 
    • Teachings of how to create a unique meditation practice that works for you that you can continue and sustain after the program is complete
  • Holistic health coaching will also be used to help you develop healthy lifestyle practices that are approachable and easy to integrate into a daily routine. This will ensure that you will be able to recognize and prevent future burnout experiences by having the appropriate types of lifestyle practices, tools, and techniques in your arsenal. 

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